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Create an Epic Calendar page

Nothing screams “I’m awesome” than your own freaking calendar.
Here’s how to create one in photoshop:


Go to File>New

and select the US paper preset.

We want the paper to be sideways, or landscape. So swap the height and width values.

Now that we’ve created our new pic, select the pen tool. Double click color, and set it to #6D98EC. Zoom out by holding down alt and scrolling the middle mouse wheel towards you. Left click on the top middle of the page.

Tip for the N00bz:

Left click and release.

The left click you use here is the kind you use to click on a link.

Next, left click and drag to the left.

Now finish the shape.

Next, create a new image with the same dimensions of the one we are creating now.

Open an image that you want to use by selecting it in windows explorer and dragging it into photoshop. Select the select and move tool and drag it to the image you created earlier.

Tip for the N00bz:

Windows explorer is the GUI. Basically, it looks kinda like my documents or your desktop. More info here:

Press CTRL+T to select the transform tool. To scale your image, hold down alt and left click one of the points. Drag it inward. Left click and drag the center of the image to move it around.

Add more images until your canvas is filled.

Now select the top layer, then scroll down, hold shift, and select the bottom layer. Right click on a layer and select “Merge Layers”. This will merge all of the layers into one.

Now select the move tool and drag your layer onto our image with the shape we drew earlier. Scale and move it so that it covers the entire page, although it already should.

So now that we’ve done that, we want it so that the images ONLY show up where the shape is. To do that, make sure your images are right on top of the shape layer, right click on the image, and select “Create Clipping mask”.

Ok, now that that’s done, lets create a gradient. Double Left Click on the color palette and set the second color to #2178C2.

Select the gradient tool, hold down shift and drag from the top to the bottom.

Now double click on the shape layer to bring up the layer styles, we’re going to apply a shadow, and Emboss.

Select “Inner Shadow”, the defaults will work here for us.

Next, select bevel and emboss. Match the settings as shown in the picture.

Alright, this is looking epic already! Lets add some text.

Select the text tool. I made my font Century Schoolbook, but if you dont like it or don’t have it, just select one from the drop down list. The font size can also be whatever you like, I set mine to 11 pt. Make sure the anti-aliasing is on. I set mine to sharp.

Now double click on the text, to add a drop shadow.

To copy layer styles right click on your text and select “copy layer style”, then right click on your other text and select “paste layer style”.

Alright, we’re almost done!

The calendar looks pretty epic as is, but lets add some extra graphics to make the Background less boring.

Hit the shape tool and select “ellipse”, hold down alt and left click and drag until you’re happy with the size. Next, select the move tool and hold down alt, now left click and drag the circle to a different spot. Do that several times until you’re happy. Now, select a circle at random and scale it. Do that to all of the circles. Finally, set the opacities of each circle at random.

Final result?

Finally, draw this shape using the pen tool. Now, use the transform tool to rotate it slightly.

That’s it!

Final result:


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