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He said wut!!!?

I dunno, I’ve always had this crazy ability to end up with really cool people. Like, no matter where I go, I manage to find a group of people who I always have tons of fun around. Personally I have no idea where this ability comes from, but if lack it, you should learn how to get it ASAP.

Tonight I went over to my buddy Dakota’s house to just chill and hang out since I’ve finished most of my work for this week. All of the usuals were there AND one of my good friends Xander was there too. So I sit next to him and we start talking like we’re black. If you’ve never heard a white guy and an oreo talk black, let me be the first to tell you that it is probably THE funniest thing you will ever hear in your life. ME and Xander can get on a roll, and the only thing that can stop us is bullet from a driveby by a rival gang. You’ll hear things like

“Goku actually was black, he was just covered in crack”

Yes, I know your mind is blown, and we were perfectly sober.

Throughout all of our retardness, I was able to somehow install Ubuntu 9.10 on a virtual machine then download and install Apache, PHP, MySQL and Moodle, as well as look through their developer docs.

I also had a few songs stuck in my head:

Racist Quote of the day:

Would you like some chicken and waffles? How about some grits? OH! You know what would be really good? A grits waffle and chicken sandwich. You know you’d love that.

Yes. I would actually love that thank you very much. =]

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