Posted on It’s like the Fave 5 for websites

So today I was looking around and I found this awesome website called The best way to describe this place is just like T-Mobil’s Fave 5 feature. Fav4 puts your favorite four websites in an easy to use and customizable interface. My Fav4 are: Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and Reddit

Check it out here:

So what’s your Fav4?

Wallpaper of the day:

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About boringtechie

Hello, I'm the boring techie! So you've landed yourself on this site due to me or someone else linking you here, and you're wondering: "What does this kid do, and why should I even care?" Right? Of course you are. Basically, I'm a Techie, though I'm not as boring as the title says, that's one of those things where the word means the opposite of what's REALLY going on... Anyway, I write tuts and make commentaries. That's about it...

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