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Emergency Bailout on the ski slopes

This weekend was really good, so good in fact that I forgot to post some new content. I’ll do better to make sure that I have new content for my non-read blog lol.


Saturday was awesome, my girlfriend’s school had this dance called “Sweethearts” which required that we dress semi-formally. So I got out my white shirt, slacks, and bought some awesome sunglasses and the end result:

I lewk smexxy. Erin was smokin as well, so it was an awesome night. =]


Sunday was Valentines day. I bought Erin a necklace from one of the local jewlers, and then, after a little investigating I got her a stuffed dog that looks like her favorite kind of dog. Then in the middle of the week I had an idea: “Why don’t you put the necklace around the dogs neck?” Which was actually REALLY good. So I put it around it’s neck and:

V-Day was awesome. I love hanging out with Erin, it’s like that thing you wait all week just to go do. She’s so awesome. ❤


Alright, so today Erin’s dad invited me to go Skiing with him, her younger brother, his co-worker, grandson, and her. Needless to say, I was really excited about going skiing for the first time. As with all new activities, I watched several instructional youtube videos so I can get a bit of a heads up on what to expect once I got on the mountain. So I get up there and Erin’s dad shows me the beginner french fries and pizza (snow plow). It didn’t take me too long to catch onto the basics. I roller blade ALL THE TIME in the summer, and skiing has quite a few similarities to blading , especially the balancing on one foot part. I did pretty well on my first run so we go up to the top of the bunny hill. Now, I know that I need to pizza to stop. So I start going down the hill…


*going faster*




Well…Pizza wasn’t doing ANYTHING, because I was steadily speeding down the hill. I could hear Erin’s dad screaming “Slow down with your knees!”, but at that point I was focused purely on doing as little damage as possible to me as well as anyone else on the slope. So I continued trying to pizza down the slope, which was bottoming out. The wedge was slowing me down, but I was still going pretty fast. In my head I was going “This isn’t going to end well, this isn’t going to end well, this isn’t going to end well…” then I saw that a few feet ahead there was a drop off, which would drop me into the parking lot and right after the drop were several tour buses. I was out of runway, so I flipped my skis to the side and leaned back, using my arms to slow me down. I slid a few more feet before stopping just before the dropoff. It was so cash.

So after that run, I learned about shifting my weight and how to properly stop, which was to go to the side of the hill, not just pizzaing. I also learned that you have to zigzag down the mountain, not just go straight down. So after a few more runs, I was ready to tackle the real slopes. So we rode the Ski lift up to the top of the mountain, and went for it. We took the easy “Sunshine” route, where I fell a few times trying out new things I was seeing other Skiers doing. Overall it was hella fun, and I’d recommend it to anyone. Erin’s dad is an awesome teacher too haha. Just remember, side to side and PIZZA!

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