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Utah drivers do not care about negroes on bikes

Riding my bike anywhere in Utah is about the scariest activity I ever do during the day. Utah drivers simply seem to not care about bikers, especially during lunch time and I’m trying to cross in the cross walk. One of my closest calls to date was when I was crossing the street right so I could go to taco bell during lunch. The “walk” light was on, and I was clear to go. However, as I always do. I checked behind me to make sure the turning traffic was either waiting or was passing. That’s when I saw this guy in a HUGE white SUV barreling to turn. He looked at me the entire time and turned, without even slowing down. His bulldozer passed within inches of my front tire. Had I not looked before hand I would have been murdered.

I’d like to say that that was just an isolated incident, but this happens just about every time I go out for a ride. It’s scary stuff lemmetellyouwut.


So me, Dakota, Adam, and Justin have been out riding bikes quite a bit lately. We all ride to school…well minus Justin because his back wheel has a flat and is stuck. Last night we decided to explore the other side of a trail that runs near Neumont. The problem with getting there was that the bridge we needed to go under to get there was flooded. After a little testing I found that the water wasn’t too deep, so we pushed through it. After that, it was a helluva ride. We explored this new housing complex that’s under construction, they had a lot of jumpable curbs that I got a little air off of. The end of the trail was a disappointment, a yellow sign and a fence, with more trail still on the other side. So we turned around and went back under the bridge. Dakota booked it straight into the water and created a wake larger than a speedboat. It was amazing to behold. Unfortunately Dakota got two flats and we had to come home early.


This week has been terrible for me exam wise. I horribly failed 3 exams in a row. I haven’t had a record like that since middle school.

The TICS HTML exam was the start. I was expecting a multiple choice test maybe with a little code. However we had to create an HTML site. That’s nothing for me, however we had to use tables. I haven’t used tables in at least a year and a half. Needless to say, my table creating and styling skills were lacking. None of my styling worked and to make it worse every time I previewed in the browser, my editors would tell me that they couldn’t save it because it was in use. So I completely dive bombed that test.

The Human Relations test wasn’t all that bad, I just didn’t study as much as I should have, and so I failed that as well.

The logic exam was the worst of all. I HATE logic in every sense of the word. Logic is by far the most pointless class I’ve ever taken. Why? Because Logic is not something we will even use, and if we get a job working on the hardware level we would have either forgotten what was taught OR they will teach it to us AGAIN. So then why are we taking the class? It’s just another 10K they’re sucking from us instead of actually getting us somewhere.

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    Great read. Keep it up.

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