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Things in class that make me RAGE!

I love Neumont, I really do, but sometimes people do or say things in class that make me rage so hard my seat melts.

1. Stupid questions

I really hate stupid questions…scratch that, I hate repeated stupid questions by the same person. What do I deem as a stupid question? A stupid questions is either a question that was answered by the teacher just a few minutes ago, or a question that could be searched for and answered on google. A few days ago we were talking about polymophism, a programming concept that basically means that one class can get attributes from another. Somewhere in the middle of class this guy asks something along the lines of “So with polymorphism, I can leik, get stuff from other classes right?” YES RETARD! That’s what we’ve been talking about for the last HOUR AND A HALF. Where the hell have you been!? This rage is multiplied when the same retard asks a series of stupid questions during the duration of class. At that point I’m ready to throw my laptop at him with a nice note saying: “You’re retarded”

2. Professional Suckups

Professional suckups piss me off so much. Simply because they make their living asking stupid questions and justifying their existence by shoving their face as far into the teachers ass as possible. This one guy in class is probably the worst I’ve ever seen. Whenever the teacher has some computer problem the kid gets up and tries to act all smart by trying to fix it. Like when our teachers little clicker thing stopped working, first thing this retard does is tell him how he can fix it, even though he doesn’t know anything about this. Not to mention that he asks the stupidest questions in class.

3. People trying to be funny, and failing HARD

Some stuff just isn’t funny, and some people just aren’t funny, yet, people try to be funny by making jokes about things that aren’t funny at all. Case and point. This guy in class, which I recently added to the list of “Those people” decided to say that something (which I forgot) was hot. Now, normally this sounds alright, however what he was talking about was NOT even close to be made funny. From what I remember it had to do with a guy dying or being in a field somewhere. Now, WHY THE F*#K would you even THINK to say something like that? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR F*&KING MIND!? GTFO MY CLASS AND TAKE YOUR FAIL WITH YOU!

4. Loud obnoxious people

This goes hand in hand with people trying to be funny. However the only thing that bothers me more than someone trying to be funny and failing is someone who is loud and obnoxious in class. There’s this one guy who talks all the damn time in class. It’s almost as if he cannot go more than 5 minutes without hearing his own voice. Either he’s laughing loudly, or making comments trying to be funny. This is very distracting in class and often draws my attention to WHY THE F&$K DID HE VIOLATE RULES 1-3!? Causing me to quietly rage, looking for an opportunity to strike. Usually with a comment to highlight JUST HOW F*CKING STUPID the comment was.

With that, I will now RAGE QUI-

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6 responses to “Things in class that make me RAGE!

  1. Or the person who sits super close to you and chews on something really crunchy… I hate that.

    Or one time I had this class, and because of my schedule I would always get there at the last minute. It was a pretty small class and there weren’t a lot of seats, so I usually had to sit wherever there was space… which was ALWAYS next to this guy that smelled… nauseating (to put it mildly.) That was pretty bad.

    • Tell me about it. Lucky for us, most of the people in my class don’t eat super crunchy foods. But I HAVE had to sit next to smelly people, and let me tell you, that is TERRIBLE! Thanks for the comment. =]

  2. Nick ⋅


    Loud, obnoxious, smelly, unfunny, stupid as rocks, people in school. The come a dime a dozen. AND YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT THEM!

    Fight them, your suspended/expelled.
    Go over the line on a comment, suspended.
    Spray AXE on an especially smelly person, well thats just funny. Not very nice, but they take the hint in stride.

    OR (and I only had to endure this for one quarter in High School), Sitting between 2 people who are constantly passing notes to one another. I told my teacher that if she didn’t move me I was going to massacre the entire classroom.

  3. Dark Matter ⋅

    What about the people in class that sit in the back shaking back and forth with the knife under their coat?

    Wait, that was me.

    I guess I better find a better place to sharpen my knife and get checked for Parkinson’s disease. : P

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