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Broken Wrists, and Elections OH MY! Part1

Wewt, I’m finally well enough to actually blog again.

So a few weeks ago, I was a perfectly fine and healthy individual. I biked every day and was getting stronger and leaner with each ride. My biking did come with a “small” thirst for adventure, and had me doing things that I usually wouldn’t do, but at that point I felt I was perfectly capable of handling anything that the earth could throw at me. Naturally, the earth got wind of this and hired my natural enemy (air) to dispatch of me. It was a bright Saturday afternoon and I had found a fun piece of earth to tackle. It was a nice sized hill which would allow me to get quite a bit of speed without risking any limbs, so I thought. The best way to describe this hill is an ‘S’ with a smaller ‘s’ connected to it. So basically you start at that top, go down and it’s flat for a ways, and then you drop into this dip, which then rockets you over this hump which is maybe 10 feet higher than the ground, and then you level out for the rest of the way. So  I climb this beast and cautiously sail down it. Lemme tell you that there’s nothing quite like rocketing down a hill at god knows what speed with nothing but a 30lb hunk of steel separating you between the heavens and the earth. It felt so good, that I climbed that hill again, and rode it a second time. At that point I felt I had mastered yet another beast and went to go meet my girlfriend at my apartment so we could go ride the trail that ran perpendicular to the hill. So we get to the hill and I tell my buddy Adam that he simply has to ride this beast, and so we all get to the top of the hill and I tell him that I’ll be going down to the bottom so I can take pics for Facebook. So I start down the hill. For some reason, in a fit of excitement or just carelessness, instead of braking for the good 40 or so feet that I should have, I only held the break for maybe 10-20 feet. Needless to say, I went into the dip WAY too fast and wound up in the air. Now I already know that once I’m in the air I’m completely boned. So here I am 10, maybe 15 feet in the air and I get this great view of the earth hurtling at me at 9.86 m/s. Now the way you’re supposed to jump is to have your knees bent, back straight, head up, looking forward. I was none of those things, bent forward, looking down, knees loose. I hit the ground and because I’m so loose, I hit my head on my handlebars. After that, it’s game over.

I let go of the bike and fall over the right side of it. I put out my arms to protect myself, and also so I can roll into the fall so that I don’t break my neck. My left hand hits first, taking the majority of the impact, and resulting in a VERY shattered wrist:

My right hand hits next, breaking the radius and ulna:

Now for those of us who don’t know what a normal wrist looks like, here’s a healthy, unbroken wristisis:

So long story short I end up having to go to the hospital and they put these nice plates in both arms, kinda like these:

So that’s my wrist saga, up next: ELECTIONS!!

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