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Broken Wrists, and Elections OH MY! Part 2

Alright, so after a little rest it’s time for part two of my little story.

About a week after my wrist shattering injury I was approached by my former roommate Vinny, he told me that this organization (Which I had never heard of previously) was having elections for president, and that I should attend the meeting. So, I go and decide to run for President, I figured that at the very least I’d have some fun and maybe meet a new person or two. The first thing I do is give a speech basically detailing why I should be allowed to run for president. After a sort of long winded speech I’m allowed to be on the ballet, the only thing I have to do is make posters and do a little campaigning. I was fully prepared to go all the way with campaigning, but other issues as well as assignments held my attention. So a week before election day I’m walking through halls and I see these posters that basically say “Change is good” and they have a nice visual of coins. Immediately I mumble to  myself “but cash is better”, this sent me into a momentary giggle fit, and I decided that “for teh lulz” I might poke fun at the poster considering that I’m even allowed to post it. So during my programming class I quickly hammer out a sign that says “Why vote for change when you can have dollar bills?” and send it off to our student life coordinator for approval. After a quick grammer and punctuation fix my signs are approved and I begin placing them around campus. In order for the signs to truly have the lulzy effect I was looking for, I placed each sign directly next to or across from the other guy’s signs. With this as the result:


With my work done, and lulz had I went to my final class happy and carefree.

I get there and one of my friends tells me that one of the guys who’s poster I made fun of took down several of my posters and was walking around showing the dean them, I guess it was some attempt to force me to take them down. At that time I just figured it was him being a sour puss, and really it made no difference to me because the purpose of the sign was to be funny, and if someone can’t take the joke, well that’s them. That said, I open my laptop and check my email, and waiting for me is a nice e-mail, half joking with the ultimate message being “we don’t like your sign, take it down please.”. Seeing that the message is partially a joke, I joke back with the ultimate message being that I wasn’t going to take down the signs, pretty much because it was funny. Well, this didn’t go over with A LOT of people apparently, and somehow me joking on a sign meant that I was not serious about running the election. Really now? Why would someone put time and effort into something they weren’t serious about? Either way, the signs were apparently very controversial because I was poking fun at the other guy’s campaign slogan. To be perfectly honest and frank, the people who got so upset at the sign REALLY need to lighten up. It’s a joke. Did I point out the other guy’s personal flaws? No. Did I slander their name? No. Did I lie about them? No. So then what’s the big deal? The whole thing was blown way out of proportion and was really a pain in the ass to deal with. To make things even worse I forgot to vote. In my defense I was/am working on a very big project and every half hour when “remember to vote” crossed my brain I would say to myself “after I finish X” and I wound up missing the entire thing. That was my fault. In the end, the guys I poked fun at ended up winning, I did hear from someone that one of the guys still whined about my sign, but it doesn’t matter.

In all it was a pretty unpleasant experience. I doubt I’ll be running for anything, anytime soon. What’s the point of doing anything if you can’t have even a little fun while you do it? Bingo. None. I have no regrets though, and yes I WOULD do it again, but with even funnier signs. Hell, no matter what I do on a sign that’s even a little funny, it’ll piss someone off. =/

Congrats to Bammy and Adam, good luck on your term! =]

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