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I’m having cycling withdrawals

These last couple of weeks have been quite the roller coaster for me. I’ve been antsy, insecure, depressed, happy, and retarded, all over the course of a month. For a while I really couldn’t figure out why I was not really being myself and why I felt so off, but I figured it out a couple of days ago. I’m having cycling withdrawals.

Prior to breaking my wrists I would ride all of the time, I would ride to school, ride somewhere for lunch, ride somewhere during break, ride home, and then ride somewhere else after I put down my bags. Not only was this riding healthy for my body (until I broke my wrists), but it was healthy for my mind too. When I get out of class, I’m a little stressed, there’s some quiz to study for, I just failed some quiz, there’s some huge project I have to work on, SOMETHING. All of that stress can really get to you after a while, but when I would ride my bike all of that stress and anxiety would melt away and to be perfectly honest, all of the stress was the fuel to my engine. I would pick a direction and go, and while I rode I just let my mind wander. It was sort of like riding meditation I guess. Well once I broke my wrists, that balance that I had, was gone. All of it. So these last couple of weeks I’ve been really stressed out and off. It took me a while to figure out why I felt the way I did, but I finally figured it out when I realized that I was never this stressed until I was all laid up in the house with nothing to do but THINK, and extended periods of idle thinking is BAD for me lol. These extended periods of idle thinking stressed me out even more, because I would sit there and just think about worst case¬†scenarios, things that would really never happen, but made sense at the time. =/

Well now that I’ve pinpointed the cause of my stress the next step was to simply give myself something else to work on until I get back into the saddle. So, I’ve picked up DJing.

I’ve kind of always wanted to jump into that anyway, so I guess now’s as good a time as any to get started.

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