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I love watching older people play with their new gadgets

So here I was today at a wedding reception. My Dad and I waited for an hour and a half through the cocktail whateveryoucall it, and then everyone moved into the actual reception hall. I had been playing with my iPhone during the entire trip to San Antonio and mostly through the cocktail whatchamacallit, but all good things must come to an end, and after working for so long, the battery died. So there I was partly bored watching the different people as they shuffled into the room. Some older guys in their mid 20’s early 30’s were all sitting at the table talking, I noticed this one guy playing with his phone and I guess I wasn’t the only one watching him. His cousin turned to him and asked him what kind of phone it was and if he could see it. All was well until something nostalgic happened, he started playing with his phones GPS and showing it’s features to the various people at the table, who were equally floored when he showed them that his home in Indianapolis was 1575 miles away and that it would take him 1 day and 2 hours to get there. He then went on to show how far the grocery store was from his house, where the nearest gas station was, and just how long it would take him to get to Mississippi (where some more of his family lives I guess).

This whole scene reminded me about how I was when I first started playing with computers and technology. I would play with the stop watch on my phone to see just how long I could hold my breath (without cheating), or use the timezone calculator to find out exactly what time it was in Oxford, England. I would mess with every available setting on the device until I knew it front and back, and by doing that I learned the patterns that all modern devices follow.

I guess that sometimes it takes another persons experience to remind you of where you came from.


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