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For some reason, I really like House

It’s pretty hard for me to get sucked into a TV series, especially one that airs during prime time on local channels. I’ve never been one to watch The Office, Big Bang Theory, Will and Grace (does that even come on anymore?) or any other series like that. So far, the only TV series that have been able to hold my attention, especially this long, is House MD and Scrubs. Now why these shows hold my attention is pretty simple, I connect pretty well with the main characters.

I won’t go into too much detail about what exactly about House I relate so well too, but basically in recent episodes House had a bit of a psychological breakdown. He was addicted to Vicodin and was admitted to a mental ward to help in order to get off of it. Being House, as soon as he was off the drugs he wanted to get out, but the director in charge of this mental ward saw that House had serious issues connecting and having relationships with people, he sort of pushed them away and manipulated them with no real conscience.  The inner turmoil and self improvement that ensued reminded me a lot of what I used to and continue to struggle with every day.

Another thing could relate to, was that House needed help, and he needed to realize that he did in fact NEED help, and once he did actually realize that he needed help he made really notable improvements. This is pretty much an exact match with what’s going on with my Mom right now. At first House wouldn’t admit that he needed help, he resisted and resisted and resisted until he did something that forced him to realize that he did in fact need help. At the moment my Mom’s at the resisting phase, being just as much of an ass as House was, and I guess House’s recovery gave me that little bit of hope that maybe she’ll straighten out. I mean, I stayed up until 5 am watching to see if House would make it out the same person, or if he would lose the good parts of himself, the things that gave him his edge.

No matter why I watch House, the series is now very watchable and interesting. I’m currently making through another season as I type this post haha.

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2 responses to “For some reason, I really like House

  1. RhysJ ⋅

    I love watching House, although I don’t think I’ve ever really connected with any of the characters. It may be very formulaic, but it’s still a winner. It must be the strength of the writing and/or the cast that keeps me entertained.

    I’m still hoping for a Hugh Laurie/Stephen Fry reunion on the show.

  2. Ju ⋅

    I can totally related to that–well, not so much to the House part, but definitely to not watching too much TV. It seems like, these days especially, there’s never anything good on.

    House, however, is one of the few shows that I like. I’m not a faithful watcher (only because there just isn’t enough time in the day) but I do catch an episode from time to time.

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