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side seat drivers should STFU

Now that I have my license, I’m starting to understand just how demanding driving can be. Now I know that for a lot of people driving is second nature, they can will their car anywhere, like it’s an extension of their body, but for those of us who aren’t that good (yet?) driving can be pretty demanding and nerve wracking. Or maybe not.

So today my family had just gotten out of a movie and we decided to head over to the mall. The route was one I was familiar with minus an exit, but other than that I was relatively sure of where I was going, and if I missed an exit or something, I could surely count on my Dad to tell me where to go.

So off I go down the highway, I saw a few landmarks and was following the highway signs. I pretty much knew where I was going, and I knew I was heading in the right direction. Then my Dad chimes in and says that my exit is coming up. No probl- “Do you know where you’re going? Huh? Do you know aosijdoifasodfjlifds…” is all I heard as I followed his initial directions which were to get in the lane to exit. So I flick on my blinker and look in the mirror, but because I’m so busy actively tuning him out I forget to look in my blind spot. I’m halfway into the lane when I remember to look and lo and behold, a nice sized car is a few inches from my Dads car. I flick my turn signal back so I can get back into my lane but the other guy braked just in time so I didn’t hit him. Apparently my Dad knew he was there and instead of warning me, he decided that chastising me for not knowing exactly where I was going was a far better thing to do.

So now, shaken by the near miss I take the exit near the mall and get off. All SHOULD be fine, except that my Dad is going on about something, essentially side seat driving. Normally I would attempt to actively tune him out, but his yelling is mixed in with directions on where he wants to go, add that to the extra traffic on the road and you get a nice little ball of INABILITY TO FOCUS. I take a turn and have to get into the right hand lane to make it to the mall. I check and make the merge. Cool. I’m in the parking lot. All I have to do is make another then enter the area we want to get to and all should be good. So I get into the little side street on the outskirt of the mall parking lot, which is 2 lanes. I’m in the left lane and my Dad’s still off on something, and in a pure incident of I CAN’T FUCKING FOCUS I almost miss a stop sign. Well shit. Now he’s back on my driving blah blah…I’m still in the left lane, my concentration and focus is gone. All I want is to get into A parking space as fast as possible before I snap or something. So, without even thinking I check my lanes and cut from the outside lane to turn into the parking lot.

Now what I should have done is simply merge right, and at the next turn make the right, but I wanted OUT so I made a less safe right hand turn from the outer lane. Now, there was no incoming traffic, no one in my blind spot or anything like that. So it was a safe move, just not safe. Well my Dad flips out even more, adding to my stress. Finally. I park the car, perfectly.

All of that noise coming from 2 feet away almost cause 3 accidents. Had I had the balls to tell my Dad to be quiet or we might all die, I totally would have called him on that, but unless I become a body builder, or he a vegetable I’m not going to cross him like that. Either way, it stressed me out…

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