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The story of the “Our Java” prayer

So apparently the “Our Java” prayer has gotten quite a bit of attention, and although I did post it on my profile I didn’t come up with it completely on my own.

It was a little after six and my roommates had just gotten home from school. As per our usual after school tradition, we were all either in the kitchen making food, or in the living room eating. On that particular day, Greg was with me in the kitchen while I was making some fish sticks, and Collin was in the living room with his already made food. Sometime while I was in the kitchen I started saying “Our Java, which art in heaven…” as I started making up this prayer, Greg and Collin added bits that made it sound much better. When we finally uttered the “Amen” Greg was like, “We should write this down and frame it on the wall”. Later that night I remembered that prayer and posted it on Facebook.

Moments like that happen all the time in my house. I just never get around to posting them. I love my roommates.


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