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Jack. The crazy Jackalope.

So when I’m chatting with someone, sometime there will be a lull in the conversation. So, sometimes I’ll make up a random story on the spot, with nothing more than a single person, place, or thing. AKA a Noun.
This is one such story…
(03:10:55) Me: well fine, I’ll make up a story
(03:11:03) Me: give me a single peron, place, or thing
(03:11:37) Erwin: uhmmm idk uhhmm a jackalope
(03:11:47) Me: wtf is that lol
(03:12:25) Erwin: lolz its a jack rabbit and an antelope theys from wyoming
(03:13:00) Me: ah I see
(03:13:01) Me: ok
(03:13:12) Me: Somewhere in wyoming
(03:13:22) Me: where the deer and the jackalope play
(03:13:25) Me: in the woods
(03:13:35) Me: there was this jackalope named…jack
(03:13:45) Me: Now, jack was what you would call a crazy ass
(03:13:59) Me: You see, jack loved to play chicken with cars, trucks, and semi trucks
(03:14:24) Me: Jack was a veteran, having caused 99 accidents resulting in several fatalities
(03:14:51) Me: Jack was only 1 away from reaching 100 accidents caused, and needless to say, his kill death ratio was through the roof
(03:15:06) Me: in any case jack began planning his great 100th dance with death
(03:16:03) Me: Usually Jack played his game on a small road, the road’s speed limit was only 45 but no one ever paid attention to the signs and usually drove at twice that
(03:16:14) Me: but this was his 100th, so he wanted to do something new
(03:16:34) Me: A few miles away was the transcontinental super highway
(03:16:53) Me: a 16 lane mega highway which ferried cars, trucks, etc from one end of the country to another
(03:17:19) Me: Another cool thing about this highway is that the speed limit was 90MPH
(03:17:29) Me: speeds Jack was well accustomed too
(03:17:31) Me: *to
(03:17:41) Me: did I mention that it was 16 lanes
(03:17:46) Me: holy BALLS that’s a lot of lanes
(03:17:47) Me: like
(03:17:49) Me: DAMN NIGGA
(03:17:51) Me: anyway
(03:18:19) Me: On a bright monday afternoon Jack decided that it was the day to make his 100th
(03:18:52) Me: He hopped onto the cement barrier and watched the traffic
(03:19:57) Me: As he watched the 16 lanes of traffic go by, he waitied to see which lane would be the most productive, he decided that the best lane would be the right hand lane, because it had no shoulder and a driver would be more likely to swerve into traffic, causing a mutli-crash
(03:20:11) Me: So, jack hopped off of the barrier and right into the middle of the right hand lane
(03:20:36) Me: a could seconds later a semi truck, laden with tons of Trojan Condoms came barreling towards Jack
(03:20:53) Me: Jack just sat there, because he KNEW that the truck would swerve
(03:20:55) Me: he was wrong
(03:21:14) Me: The truck continued on, and jack had to dive out of the way, but he was too late
(03:21:24) Me: The truck hit him in his leg wrists, breaking both of them
(03:21:54) Me: Then Jack flew into the air, tumbling wildly until he finally landed on his ribs, puncturing his lung.
(03:22:25) Me: Broken, and defeated, Jack went to the hospital, where he eventually recovered, but swore to never try to cause an accident ever again
(03:22:27) Me: The End

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