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Why I dislike JavaEE

I’ve some research and I’ve read that JavaEE is actually a really good framework for developing enterprise level websites. I disagree:

Simple page that shows files in a directory


  1. Create servlet to send files to JSP page
  2. Insert entry into DD
  3. Create Java class to grab files
  4. Use JSTL to parse files and display them on page


  1. readdir();
  2. iterate over array

Insert and retrieve a single row in a database


  1. Download mysql connector jar
  2. Place connector into Glassfish lib
  3. Log into admin console
  4. Add new connector and connection pool and insert all relevant DB info
  5. Create a new Java class that will be your table
  6. Add variables
  7. Create getters and setters for each
  8. Annotate, and pray that it works
  9. Create Table from entities
  10. Create a new reference of the entity
  11. Set required values (one at a time)
  12. Using an EntityManager and a User Transaction persist it to the database and slaughter a goat to bring favor from the gods so that it may just work
  13. Using the EntityManager, use Query Language, which is not MYSQL to access a MYSQL database…couldn’t I just use MYSQL instead?
  14. Get a reference of the requested resource, get all information using getters


  1. mysql_connect()
  2. mysql_select_db()
  3. mysql_query(“inset into…”)
  4. mysql_query(“select * from…”)
  5. mysql_result()

Something went wrong…


  1. Clusterfuck of exceptions because everything is so “Object Oriented” that if one thing happens to not work, EVERYTHING doesn’t work and throws exceptions because you forgot a semicolon on line 37 of
  2. Dig through server log and hunt down every exception related to your project, god forbid you didn’t clear it in the last 30 seconds.
  3. (if you’re as lucky as everyone else) find nothing and read through your code by hand
  4. find missing semicolon and add it


  1. “Expected “;” on line 37 on GetUsers.php

Does JavaEE look like a good server side language now?


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