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Troll Vending Machine is a Troll

Yesterday evening I was at the hospital with my girlfriend and her parents when my girlfriend asked her dad for money to go get something from the vending machine. I had to go to the bathroom, so I left at the same time. I did my business, went back to the room, and showed her dad some of the features of his phone. After about 10 minutes she still had not returned so I went to the vending machines to see what was going on.

I get there and find her sitting there with the most depressed look on her face pushing on the doors of the vending machine. Figuring that the chips were stuck I told her that I would buy her some sun chips at a gas station. But I had forgotten that it was her time of the month, and in near tears she told me that she wanted THOSE sunchips and didn’t want to waste her dad’s money. At that point, I DID remember that it was her time of the month, and told her to buy something on top of the chips and see if it would knock them down. The heaviest item above the chips was a Kit Kat bar, so she deposited the money and the Kit Kat fell and then got stuck on the sun chips.

Now there were two snacks stuck in the vending machine.

The thought of two snacks being trapped in the vending machine with no way to escape must have broken my poor girlfriends hormone fueled heart, because the depressed look on her face returned, and in a state of sheer sadness she gave up and walked back to the room. After prodding at the machine for a few more minutes, I went back to the room where she was telling her dad what happened. Being the adventurous man that he is, her dad decided that he was going to GET those snacks. Not for the money, but for the principal…and also because he was bored. So they left, and a few minutes later I hear hushed whispering from my girlfriend and my dad.

They get in the room and my girlfriend is hysterical. Apparently her dad tipped the machine and because I told her NOT to tip the machine because it could fall down on her and kill her she had a panick attack.

Through all of that, they only somehow managed to get ONLY the sun chips. The Kit Kat is still there…

Troll Vending Machine is a Troll.


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