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When I was a kid: I would watch my thoughts…

When I was a kid, I used to watch my thoughts very carefully. I used to think that there might be someone around me who could read my thoughts, so I would make sure that everything I thought was something I’d want someone to know. I would do this the most around my parents who seemed to have the ability to peer into my mind and KNOW when I did something wrong (although I now know that kids are extremely easy to read).

I remember being extremely careful about what I thought about when I was around people, juuuust in case the person I was next to COULD read my mind and would tell my parents what I was thinking…

I was one retarded child…


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Hello, I'm the boring techie! So you've landed yourself on this site due to me or someone else linking you here, and you're wondering: "What does this kid do, and why should I even care?" Right? Of course you are. Basically, I'm a Techie, though I'm not as boring as the title says, that's one of those things where the word means the opposite of what's REALLY going on... Anyway, I write tuts and make commentaries. That's about it...

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