It’s about time I go pro…

Well maybe not pro, but it’s definitely time for me to start making money as a DJ.

Over this vacation I’ve been listening to a lot of DJ’s on various radio stations and a few live sets on soundcloud and I found that the mixing portion of your set really doesn’t matter all that much. You can have some pretty bad transitions and as long as your equipment doesn’t break and your music doesn’t cut off mid set, you’re A-OK. Pretty much the only thing I have to worry about is my music collection, and at over 400 tracks and rising I have enough music to last me a little bit. So instead of just attacking the club scene, I figure I’ll hit up smaller venues like bowling alleys and skating rinks until I feel confident enough to hit the club scene.

I only need a few extra dollars anyway, a good $200 extra a month would be all that I need to be comfortable here in Utah. Currently I’m living Living Expenses Check to Living Expenses Check and I’d like just a little extra to do stuff with or save instead of having to make a decision on what I’m not going to do or pay for that month.

I’m hoping that my latest mix will be good enough to get me in somewhere. I guess time will tell. 🙂